Aloha!.. And allow me to introduce myself.. I’m your Man About Town and I’m here to educate you through entertainment!

If you’re reading this it means that you probably watch my video channels, and for that I am very grateful!

I know things not because I’m smarter than you—but because I’ve been around longer and have more experience. I consider myself to be knowledgeable of women not because I’m taller, richer or better looking than you—but because I’ve been around longer and have more experience. I consider myself wealthier than most people because I’ve been around longer and have more experience..

Do you see a pattern here?

In 2004 I launched a media company that became the cornerstone of an enterprise spanning technology, information, entertainment, fashion, glamour and pop culture.

Currently, the core of this enterprise centers around four media companies:

Amateur Night (marketed as Strip Club Night)

Annaxenne (formerly Partyclique Chick)

Busted! Culture (formerly Hooters Culture)

Partyclique (The original ‘Clique‘ concept company)

And there are others that we’ll explore as we progress together. Together these companies are A Clique For Men.

Along the way I’ve met thousands of people and there were many ups and downs and highs and lows. Through it all I’ve been scarred, marred, bruised, used and abused, but it’s made me a stronger and wiser man. And because of these experiences, both good and bad, I now have timeless knowledge and experience about women, sex, relationships, money, culture, wellness and life in general that I can share with you, other men around the world (and even a few interested women).

To put it simply, I’m giving the kinds of knowledge and info that I wish had been around for me back when I was younger.

Through written words, podcasts and thousands of pics and videos, I’ll be taking you all-the-way through the entire history of the company and showing you everything that I experienced along the way. You’ll go deep behind-the-scenes and witness first hand things that have never been spoken of until now.. In short, you’ll learn how it all REALLY went down.. The fights, the feuds, the backstabbing and the betrayals and the beyond the camera‘ drama that took place. And believe me, there was a lot of it! There were plenty of good times, but there were hard times too.

Some names have been changed to protect the innocent and others have been changed to protect the guilty.

A Clique For Men is your exclusive, unfiltered and uncensored backstage pass into the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met, the things that I’ve experienced and everything I’ve learned along the way.

I was there for it all, and you’re getting the stories and information STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH, with no spin or agendas. I had no reason to embellish anything, the truth is fascinating enough..

As you’ll see.

I release exclusive content almost daily. My flagship, most popular feature is my Strip Club Night series which is the ONLY uncensored strip club documentary in existence.. Anywhere.. And I challenge you to prove me wrong.

As I write this intro in 2024, Members have access to hundreds of videos that you won’t find anywhere outside of the Clique For Men network—with more being added almost daily! And when combined with the pics, gifs, podcasts and memes and all kinds of other media and memorabilia that’s also being added almost daily, there’s literally thousands of pieces of content here for you to enjoy!

Your Man About Town

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