I don’t know who wrote this, but I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Thank goodness for the technology of the internet.

The internet, more than any other form of modern technology, has drastically changed and modified how human beings communicate with one another.    It has affected family relationships, business relationships, romantic and sexual relationships between men and women, and even profoundly affected how we receive local, regional, national, and international news stories.

If there are two types of people – one male type and one female type – that probably do not care too much for the advent of the internet … As well as many of the popular social media websites (such as Facebook and Twitter) … it would be these two types:

Men who have always been dishonest, misleading, and sexually duplicitous with women.


Women who have always been dishonest, misleading, and sexually duplicitous with men.

You see, before the days of the internet, these two types of ‘manipulative game players’ were able to have their cake and eat it too with members of the opposite sex on the regular.

For example, if you were a man who was engaging in sexual activities with six different women – and each of those six women genuinely believed that they were your only lover or ‘girlfriend’ – then a social media site such as Facebook ruined everything for you. Sucks to be you now, huh?

Similarly, if you were a woman who would engage in kinky sex fairly quickly with men who were womanizing Alpha male types … But then, on the other hand, you had Beta male types ‘wining and dining’ you and spending money on you before they ever even received a proper tongue-kiss from you … Then those two types of men sharing information about you via the internet ruined ‘the game’ you were playing.  I bet you are frustrated as can be now, aren’t you?

Have you noticed that in today’s society, there are much more women who possess a high degree of animosity toward single heterosexual men?  You would almost have to have been in a cave for the last 10-12 years NOT to have noticed it.

Before the internet became popular in the mid-to-late 1990s, and before the advent of what is known as the manosphere had fully developed, women would mislead, manipulate, and dupe naïve and sexually desperate Beta male types on a week-to-week, month-to-month, year-to-year basis.

How so?

This is what many sexually duplicitous women would do:    These women would have sex with a high number of womanizing Alpha male types up until the age of roughly 29, or maybe up until the age of 34 or 35.    Then, no later than their mid-thirties, these same women would find a lonely, romantically frustrated and sexually desperate Beta male with a college degree and a high five-figure or six-figure salary … and then persuade this Beta male to propose marriage to them (in some cases, even if they had given birth to one or more children out of wedlock).

One of their ‘tricks’ would be to convince the Beta male types to believe that all the womanizing Alpha male types were the ‘bad guys’ of society and that these Alpha male womanizers were ‘abusive jerks’ and ‘self-centered, egotistical assholes’ who women should avoid at all costs.    They did a convincing job of getting Beta male types to believe that all of them were actually the ‘good guys’ of society.    The proverbial “white knights in shining armor” for women.

Well, that little ‘scam’ executed by women got exposed once various internet message boards, discussion forums, and blog sites began popping up as part of the up-and-coming manosphere. Soon, those womanizing Alpha males were sharing their stories of ultra-quick seductions of supposed ‘respectable good girl’ type women with ignorant and naïve Beta male types, and the Beta males took notes. A lot of women’s successful manipulative ‘head games’ and hidden sexual duplicity was over.

Think about it. If you were a Beta male type who was brought up to believe that the key to romantic and sexual success with women was to ask them on a dinner date, bring them a half-dozen roses, and politely ask for the opportunity to tongue-kiss them on the second or third date (after a week or two of chatting with them for hours over-the-telephone) … But then, all the sudden, you find out from a womanizing Alpha male that he had sex with that SAME WOMAN you treated to a free dinner … Only with him, he spent no money on the woman … And did not spend hardly any time at all chatting with her over-the-telephone … Yet he still managed to persuade this woman to give him a pleasurable blowjob less than 48 hours after he first made her acquaintance … You would be left feeling “duped” or “played” by this woman.   

You would say to yourself, “Why did I have to spend all that time with her with no physical or sexual interplay involved … And spend all that money on her to receive a reluctant and unenthusiastic tongue kiss … when this other alleged ‘jerk’ and ‘asshole’ gained the opportunity to receive fellatio from her on only the second day after he first met her??”  Ouch.    You – the naive Beta male – fell for the okey-doke.

One of the reasons why I feel like I have so much credibility to offer advice to single heterosexual men is because I am not a man who has just exclusively experienced one side of the coin or the other.    I have had many experiences with women from the perspective of a womanizing Alpha male … And I have also had at least a dozen experiences with women that were more or less from the perspective of me behaving like a ‘polite gentleman’ type, or more specifically, a naïve Beta male type.

As a man, if you do not remember any other piece of advice that I offer to you, you absolutely positively must remember this one piece of advice:    Women react and respond to womanizing Alpha male types TOTALLY DIFFERENTLY than they react and respond to naïve, lonely and lustful Beta male types. I am talking, like a night and day difference.

One example: When a woman perceives you to be an Alpha male, and you whisper something X-rated and sexually explicit into that woman’s (left) ear, she is going to usually respond by saying something like, “You are so bad! You are naughty. You are kinky.” Conversely, if a woman perceives you to be more of a Beta male, and you whisper those same X-rated and sexually explicit comments into that same woman’s ear, she is going to react and respond as if she is ‘offended’ and ‘insulted.’ She is going to say something like, “I cannot believe you said that to me!! Do I look like a prostitute?!? A street whore?!? A common slut?!? You are so disrespectful!!!!”  If you offer an apology, you will confirm even further that you are a certified Beta male type.

When women have identified you as a womanizing Alpha male who they are attracted to, you will never have to take a woman out to dinner in order to get in her pants, or for that matter, spend money on her at all. I have had experiences where I have met women at 10:00 PM, and by 10:25 PM, 10:45 PM, or 11:00 PM, that woman and I were exchanging orgasms. No dinner date, no movie, no chatting over-the-phone first. And that is WITHOUT alcoholic beverages or drugs being involved. I am talking, sex with totally sober women.

When women perceive you as more of a Beta male type, you are never going to be able to get in bed with a woman that quickly. Never. Ever. That woman is going to make sure you do one of two things – if not both – before you ever gain the opportunity to see her in her birthday suit:

You are going to have to promise her some sort of long-term monogamy (preferably in the form of marriage, and if not, in the form of a long-term ‘boyfriend-girlfriend’ type relationship).

You are going to have to spend a significant amount of money on that woman ‘wining and dining’ her, buying her materialistic gifts, and offering to pay some of her bills and other expenses.


There is an old adage that says, “Why buy the cow if you can regularly get milk from the cow for free (without having to purchase the cow)?”    In dating and relationships language, that translates into “Why should any single heterosexual man propose marriage to a woman if he can engage in sexual activities with her on a regular or semi-regular basis without being married to her?”

This is the number one reason why a good number of women in society feel romantically frustrated and ticked off at men. Plain and simple, men are just not proposing marriage to women at the rate that they were in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, or even the 1970s or 1980s. This is particularly true within the Black community. Statistics show that this is the first time in U.S. history that there have been more unmarried men and women age 40 and older than married men and women in the same age group.

This does not negatively affect women too much if they are 35 years of age or younger, but if a woman is 36 years of age or older, this severe drop in marriage proposals very much affects their personal life and love life as they grow older. Very few women want to be without a husband or without any children once they hit their forties and fifties.    To be known as an ‘old maid,’ a ‘cat lady,’ or a ‘spinster’ does no favors to a woman’s self-esteem or ego.

Consequently, many women have been lashing out at unmarried men all over the internet by hurling all sorts of criticisms and personal insults their way. Black women have expressed the harshest criticisms toward Black men. I would argue that the animosity between unmarried Black women and unmarried Black men today is the worst it has ever been in any generation of Black folk beginning with 1866 (the first full calendar year after slavery ended).


Did all men change drastically over the last forty years? No (Beta males, yes … Alpha males, not at all). Did all women change drastically over the last forty years? Not really (although women’s sexual morals and ethics did change drastically between 1960 and 1974).

Again, the most significant factor that has contributed to the growing climate of animosity has been the internet, and more specifically, the ‘red pill’ knowledge, wisdom, and insight that has been shared between womanizing Alpha males and naïve and sexually frustrated Beta males on the various websites and social media sites associated with the still growing manosphere.

Beta males are no longer as naïve as they once were regarding the psychology of women. In today’s society, most Beta males are not willing to propose marriage to a 35-year old woman who they now know has more-than-likely engaged in sexual activities with 50-100+ womanizing Alpha males. No sir.

Beta males are no longer willing to financially support children that were fathered by one or more womanizing Alpha males years ago. No sir.

Beta males are no longer willing to open up their wallets to generously spend money on women who are opening up their legs to womanizing Alpha males for free. No sir.

Things have changed, and they will continue to change.

All thanks to modern technology. The beloved internet.

Author unknown

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