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I don’t know who wrote this, but I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Thank goodness for the technology of the internet.

The internet, more than any other form of modern technology, has drastically changed and modified how human beings communicate with one another.    It has affected family relationships, business relationships, romantic and sexual relationships between men and women, and even profoundly affected how we receive local, regional, national, and international news stories.

If there are two types of people – one male type and one female type – that probably do not care too much for the advent of the internet … As well as many of the popular social media websites (such as Facebook and Twitter) … it would be these two types:

Men who have always been dishonest, misleading, and sexually duplicitous with women.


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How a truck driver taught the world to party

It all started with a camera…. was founded in 2004 by a long haul trucker.

Traveling across the country he was able to experience the magic, mystique and culture of every city and town he passed through. In 2003 he began carrying his camera with him in an effort to document his life and the people, places and experiences he encountered along the way.

After more than a year of traveling he’d accumulated an impressive collection of nightclub images, some of which even made publication for advertisements in his hometown Wilkes-Barre, Pa arts & entertainment weekly, “The Weekender.”

And it was then, in the summer of 2004 that he realized that there was a culture and individual flavor to every nook & cranny of America…. And the world…. And believing that the world wanted to taste this flavor, he began concepts on a website to display his nightclub photos in an effort to share with the world the nightlife and party culture he’d found.

After several weeks of conceptualization he found himself with a dilemma-what to call it. His first two notions were respectively ( and ( Besides the fact that both names were already taken they fell short in two other ways. Where’s the party seemed too weak for the harder-edged profile he had in mind and Partycrasher seemed downright rude.

In addition, neither names were unique or exclusive enough which was something else he was steadfastly insistent on. While discussing the matter with a friend he remarked that he wanted to form something of an exclusive social nation-like a world wide wide clique and so ( was born-or so he thought.

That brought one other problem, besides uniqueness in the name making it practically impossible to mistake (or forget) the title had to have the word “party” in it. “After all,” he said, “Partying’s what this thing’s all about.” His friend replied, “how bout’ (Partyclique).” He thought for a moment and said. “No.”


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About: The Man About Town

Aloha!.. And allow me to introduce myself.. I’m your Man About Town and I’m here to educate you through entertainment!

If you’re reading this it means that you probably watch my video channels, and for that I am very grateful!

I know things not because I’m smarter than you—but because I’ve been around longer and have more experience. I consider myself to be knowledgeable of women not because I’m taller, richer or better looking than you—but because I’ve been around longer and have more experience. I consider myself wealthier than most people because I’ve been around longer and have more experience..

Do you see a pattern here?

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