Before they became the Girls Of Annaxenne they were the Girls Of The Partyclique Models which became known as “The Chicks” were the embodiment of sex appeal and the ambassadors of the World Clique Movement. They were outgoing, smart, and drop-dead sexy!

And now for the first time ever, you can get to know the super hot girls who made history by becoming the first generation of Annaxenne models!

For the first time you’ll see where it all started.. How it all started.. And who it started with. It’s all here in uncensored detail with thousands of high resolution pics and dozens of steamy, hot and sexy videos!

Start off by meeting your “X-Girlfriends” and riding along with Dylan Vandervelde to an abandoned company town where she gets naked for us, our cameras and a few passers-by!… Then get soaked as you shower with Filipina beauty Natalia Tazetta!. And then get a tabletop dance from sexy hard rock chick Jennifer Carly!… And there’s more!.. Lots more!

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